As a responsible printer Printgraphics is actively interested in the environment and the wider community we live in. We are committed to environmental responsibility and are internationally accredited with ISO 14001 – Certified Environmental Management. So when buying from Printgraphics, you know you are buying from a printer that has the highest environmental policies and certifications in place.

ISO14001 Certified Environmental Management System

What does it mean? Printgraphics is accredited with ISO14001 which is an International Standard Organisation Environmental Management System used and recognized throughout the world and requires a major commitment and investment from participating companies. ISO14001 is the first step to a measurable and validated environmentally-friendly print operation. Only 14 out of 5,500 Australian printers have been accepted for ISO14001 [Australian Printer May 2007] and they are the only printing companies who can use the official ISO14001 Logos. ISO14001 is a system whereby your print company can justifiably claim to be environmentally friendly, because the printer is externally audited as being so. Anyone can claim to be green, but to have any credibility you have to have external validation, which is what ISO14001 provides.

All areas of the printing company are audited by an external company such as SAI Global. Chemical, water and energy usage is measured, as well as industrial waste, and all existing methods are analysed. The printing company then sets their environmental goals. This requires detailed research into alternatives and the implementation of new methods and systems. The printing company’s responsibilities include legal obligations, reports and communications with interested parties, eg: EPA, Councils and Governments. Only when the detailed and systematic external audit process is completed satisfactorily is the ISO14001 Certification awarded. ISO14001 certification is not a static process - it requires a major commitment by your printer to strive for continuous improvement with the setting and achievement of new goals and an ongoing external audit process.


Quality Endorsed Company 
Certified Environmental Management
SGP Level 3 Accreditation
FSC® Printgraphics Pty Ltd Certificate
PEFC™ Printgraphics Pty Ltd Certificate
Colour Standard ISO 12647-2


13th July 2016

30 years on!

Thank you to Peter Dearing for 30 years at Printgraphics Printgreen.

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