Understanding Environmental Paper Terminology

As a responsible printer Printgraphics is actively committed to in the environment and the wider community we live in. We are committed to environmental responsibility and are internationally accredited with ISO 14001 – Certified Environmental Management. So when buying from Printgraphics, you know you are buying from a printer that has the highest environmental policies and certifications in place. As part of this, we want to explain exactly what all that paper environmental terms mean.


Made up of recycled fibres which have been extracted from existing paper products to be used in manufacture of further paper products. Recycled paper can be 100% recycled or consist of a mixture of pre and post consumer waste along with some virgin fibre to add strength.

Pre-consumer Waste
Only types of waste from the mill itself, such as offcuts or broke.

Post Consumer Waste
Paper has been used in some form after leaving the mill. Gathered as offcuts from paper merchants, printers, office waste or printed waste through house hold recycling.

Sustainable Forestry Practices

Fibre used in production of paper that is sourced from pulp suppliers who practice sustainable forestry techniques and/or managed renewable plantation forest.

Totally Chlorine Free (TCF)

No chlorine gases or compounds are used in the bleaching process.

Elemement Chlorine Free (ECF)

No chlorine compounds are used in the bleaching process. The ECF process uses chlorine dioxide, when the bleaching process is complete, the chlorine atom leaves the process as chloride or salt. There is no toxological difference between waste waters generated from ECF of TCF based bleaching.

The paper lifecycle

Follow the paper lifecycle as it charts the course of paper from a renewable resource through to sustainable processes and its culmination into a recyclable product.

PPX paper diagram.pdf

Diagram kindly supplied by PaperlinX

From forest management to the finished product and recycling, this diagram details the full lifecycle of paper.

The Paper Lifecycle FAQ.pdf

Diagram kindly supplied by M-Real


13th July 2016

30 years on!

Thank you to Peter Dearing for 30 years at Printgraphics Printgreen.

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