Scope of the Environmental Management System

Printgraphics is an environmentally and quality conscious specialist printing company. We pride ourselves to be able to supply the best quality products. Our ability to deliver on-time to customers is crucial in today’s market. We constantly measure our performance at the most senior levels within the business in order to maintain customer service and product quality whilst maintaining our environmental obligations. Printgraphics has large format 6 and 10 colour presses catering for jobs A1 plus in size as well as the capability to bind our products. We specialize in full colour promotional materials, catalogues, brochures, posters, annual reports, book publications, newsletters/magazines etc.

The Environmental Management System (EMS) at Printgraphics is an intranet based management system which is also integrated with the ISO9001 Quality Management System (QMS) wherever possible, in order that common procedures can be used for quality and environmental processes and operations. The intranet based management program contains all system and operating procedures, forms and subsequent records to ensure we meet our environmental legal obligations, achieve our objectives and consistently review our processes and methods to reduce waste wherever possible.

Printgraphics has established a work group that deal with environmental aspects, objectives and targets and the development and follow-up of subsequent improvement programs. The Work group is comprised of the Q&ER (Managing Director) the Production Manager, and the Environmental Specialist (external consultant). Other staff or external resources may be seconded into the group whenever, specific or expert support is required.

The EMS is compliant with the latest revision of the international standard, ISO14001 and has been developed to cover all operations within the business. It is a requirement that management and staff of Printgraphics with environmental responsibilities utilise and reference the EMS to ensure compliance with company procedures that have been developed to the requirements of the international standard. Contractors or other external parties performing work on behalf of Printgraphics will be made aware of their environmental responsibilities during the induction process and prior to commencing any work. Assistance with the implementation or execution of procedures and processes or any environmental concerns or queries should be directed to the Managing Director who is the Quality & Environment Representative.

EMS Overview
The Environmental Management System at Printgraphics specifically provides policies, procedures and other information and guidelines so we can meet environmental legal obligations whilst achieving our business objectives and demonstrating due diligence.

The benefits an effective management system will give include;

  • Reduce the risk of environmental incidents and polluton
  • Achieve cost savings by improving environmental performance and reducing wastage
  • The ability to clearly show due diligence
  • Meet customer requirements by having a certified environmental management system
  • Create better marketing opportunities and enhancing our public image.

Environmental System Elements

Operational Control

List of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

  1. E01 - Recycling
  2. E02 - Prescribed waste
  3. E03 - Spill containment & housekeeping
  4. E04 - Storage of chemicals


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