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20th October 2009

Building Biodiversity

Without vegetation corridors to move along, the wildlife of Hanging Rock would exist in a habitat 'island'. Animals in this situation are vulnerable to catastrophes such as disease and bushfire, and to gradual changes like inbreeding and climate variation.

Wildlife needs to be constantly on the move. The search for food, dispersal of young to new home ranges, and migration on an annual and seasonal basis are essential to wildlife movements. However, wildlife in a habitat island may lack adjacent habitat to forage in or disperse along.

Thus habitat corridors are being built as a means of re-connecting isolated populations of wildlife, and the staff at Printgraphics are doing their bit to help.


On Sunday 4th October, we returned to Kyneton/Woodend area to plant trees and add to those planted last year. Under the direction of Tree Project and Landcare volunteers, with trees paid for by Printgraphics, the corridor being developed between the national parks in the area was extended by indigenous plants.

As well as enjoying a fun family day, it was particularly rewarding to see the progress and growth of the corridor's vegetation in the last 12 months.



Building Biodiversity, with the additional benefit of offsetting our carbon footprint, is another of Printgraphics' commitments to the environment. In recent time our environmental initiatives have included -

  • Being the first printer in Victoria to reach level 3 accreditation in the Sustainable Green Print (SGP) program. Based on an ISO 14001 framework, SGP is the Australian printing industry's own recognisable certification program designed to help printing companies meet their environmental responsibilities while going above and beyond compliance levels; 
  • Attaining Forest Stewardship Certification (FSC®) and Programme for Endorsed Forest Certification (PEFC™) accreditation; and 
  • Continuation of Environment ISO 14001 workplace standards.


At Printgraphics, we don't just talk the green talk - we let our actions speak louder than words.


13th July 2016

30 years on!

Thank you to Peter Dearing for 30 years at Printgraphics Printgreen.

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