Proof Checking

Your guide to foolproof proofing

Changes are a normal and desirable part of the creative process. You probably make many changes in your design before you send your job to Printgraphics.

The following checklist should help you know what to look for when you proof your job.

First of all, is the piece the right size? Measure both dimensions.

Is it repaginated correctly? Are the page numbers right and in the proper position?

Does it fold correctly? If not, refold it and mark the folds. For example, A folds to A, B folds to B.

Do your crossover photos line up from page to page? Whenever an element jumps the gutter, there’s the potential that the separated pieces will not meet exactly as they should to form one continuous image.

Are your photographs and graphics placed correctly?

Look at your photos by themselves. Do they look good even though they don’t exactly match the originals? Does it matter that his shirt is a little more blue in the reproduction?

Do you have screens where you want them and are they at the correct percentages? If you ask us to build a PMS colour using process inks, make sure you are satisfied with the match.

Are there any obvious registration problems?

This is also a good time to do one final proof reading. Check your copy for any mistakes that may have not been corrected during your final proofing.

Are there any strange markings on your proofs that you know are not part of your design? Holes and specks will sometimes show up and need to be circled so that we know to eliminate them. If there are two small white spots close to each other, circle them both rather than assume we’ll catch them both if you circle one.

Also, if you ask to see a second proof after the initial changes have been made, assure yourself that your changes were made and check the entire proof again. It’s possible to create an error while correcting another. Now that you know what to look for, how do you mark the changes?

First, lay down your pencil. Make your corrections with something that will call attention to them and be permanent. Don’t use ‘postit notes’, they fall off, use Printgraphics stickers.

Don’t scribble out a mistake or cover it completely. It’ll still be there! Just draw a line through it or circle it and pull the line out to the edge where you can write the correction (neatly). It helps us to know what is being corrected if we can actually see it.

If you want something moved up or down or left, tell us how much you want it moved. If you tell us to move a photograph down, it’s up to us to determine how much. But if you tell us to move it down 5mm, there’s no guessing involved.

Circle all holes or specks; please don’t fill them or put an “X” through them.

A good rule of thumb is to circle and question anything and everything that looks suspicious - assume nothing. Keep this handy and pull it out whenever you’re faced with the tedious task of proofing and use it as a checklist. If you’re a seasoned pro, review it once in a while just as a reminder.



13th July 2016

30 years on!

Thank you to Peter Dearing for 30 years at Printgraphics Printgreen.

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